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Choose the medical experience you deserve!

For any of us, the Romanian medical system is genuinely challenging, but for a foreigner it is more than that, being almost impossible. An expat encounters barriers of all kinds, ranging from language to identifying a suitable medical solution.


We are here to facilitate your access to high-quality health care. We offer foreigners working in Romania and foreign students the opportunity to identify and choose a doctor and a Health Plan that meets all their needs!


Remove any obstacles with our help and you will understand why we say that we are Experts in Health Advocacy!

Why us


The patient comes first

We represent our customers’ interests in relation to physicians and clinics, exactly like we would like to be treated. Doing so, you have the guarantee of quality medical services in the best conditions.

Knowledge is everything

We own the necessary knowledge and experience to correctly and actually satisfy any medical need. Our network of physicians we work with is accessible within 48 hours.

Time is our ally

Through our integrated patient management system, we undertook the streamlining of 70% of the time spent in identifying the correct medical solutions.

Cost management is an asset

We have managed to obtain for you profitable costs with up to 30% discount for a wide range of medical services from our private partners.

Sustainable partnerships

We believe in professionalism and common values, and this is reflected in our partnerships with the best clinics and hospitals, both in the country and abroad.

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