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We offer you access to a unique, innovative remote assistance system for people with special medical needs or life-threatening diseases.

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If you suffer from high-risk conditions, you benefit from emergency medical services with a single push of a button, thanks to a watch automatically connected to predefined telephone numbers.


The device allows you to locate your loved ones by GPS and bidirectional communication with your family, using the internet and the mobile phone service. They can alert emergency services (ambulance) with the built-in alert button. Or, you can set the priority number to which the alert will be sent, and a trustworthy person will be immediately notified by phone, by means of an application.

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Included services

Personal Case Navigator
Medical history and personal data collection
Powerful device for permanent monitoring of the GPS location – “panic” button watch that allows alerting the ambulance and your family in emergency situations
Call centre dedicated to emergency situations accessible by pressing the ”panic”” button with direct access to the National Emergency System – 112
We mediate communication with the medical staff and your family.
Medical record management – we make sure that all documents are consistent with the medical investigations carried out
Long-term case management – we monitor your long-term health condition

Who is the monitoring and emergency medicine service addressed to

People suffering from chronic diseases
Retired and elderly people
People with disabilities
Pregnant women
Discharged patients

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