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Trough us you have access to multiple medical care services both at home and at your workplace: medication administration, collection for blood tests, Sars-CoV2 testing (COVID-19), at home special care services and many others.

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Consultations and medical tests at home/work
Medication administration (im, iv, sc, id, oral, skin and mucous)
Medication administration by endovenous perfusion, including infusion solutions: 5% glucose, ringer, 250ml physiological serum, with the exception of medication
Measuring blood glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides with capillary blood multianalyzer
Simple wound care/suppressing suture threads
Superinfected wounds care (without hydrocolloid cost)
Multiple bedsores care (without hydrocolloid cost)
Stomas/fistulas care
Bladder survey
Therapeutic manoeuvres to avoid decaying bedsores: use anti-decubitus mattress, massage, medicinal solutions, tapotement etc.
Therapeutic manoeuvres to avoid lung complications: position change, tapotement, respiratory physiotherapy etc.
Therapeutic manoeuvres to avoid vascular complications of lower limbs: mobilization, massage, medical applications, bandage etc.
Medical consultations of surgery specialty
Medical consultations of orthopaedic-traumatology specialty
Blood sampling (included collecting kit, transport of samples to the laboratory)
ECG (with the result interpreted by a cardiologist)
Toileting the patient that is partially or totally confined to bed (application of absorbent diaper, bedpan, basinet, urinary condom)

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