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Suntem prima companie de Concierge Medical de o asemenea complexitate ce ofera solutii medicale integrate, anticipand nevoile tale printr-o abordare personalizata, acces la consiliere 24/7 si asistenta pas cu pas.
solutii medicale
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We are the first medical concierge company of such complexity, offering integrated medical solutions, while anticipating customer needs through a customized approach, access to counselling and step-by-step assistance
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We are a dedicated team of advisers available either by telephone or on location, in order to find the ideal solutions to any medical problem.

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Top network of physicians

We offer access to a network of outstanding physicians from all medical specialties, which represents the top of their field of activity.

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Customized medical solutions

Dedicated case advisors and medical board that analyse requests and offer complete solutions tailored to your needs.

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Representative partners

We cover a wide range of related services such as on site translation, medical equipment, transportation, accommodation and more.

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Monitoring and emergencies

Top health monitoring systems for customers with high risk conditions, and access to emergency medical services.

About us

The patient comes first

We represent our customers’ interests in relation to physicians and clinics, exactly like we would like to be treated. Doing so, you have the guarantee of quality medical services in the best conditions.

Knowledge is everything

We own the necessary knowledge and experience to correctly and actually satisfy any medical need. Our network of physicians we work with is accessible within 48 h.

Time is our ally

Through our patient integrated management system we undertook the streamlining of 90% of the time spent in identifying the correct medical solutions.

Durable partnerships

We believe in professionalism and common values, and this reflects in our partnerships with the best clinics and hospitals in the country and abroad.

Whom we address to

Mothers and children
Tour operators

Priority access to the best phisicians

You have access to Besmax’s network of physicians, which includes the most wanted professionals in all fields.

Time and budget efficiency management

Whether it’s a first consultation, a second opinion or emergency medicine, correct diagnosis and effective case management are both time and financial gains.

Patient-centered medical experience

Unlike conventional medical insurance, medical concierge services focus on the patient, by adapting everything to his or her needs, and by offering close assistance during this process.

Easy navigation in the medical system

The over-specialized Besmax team coordinates and monitors the patient’s entire experience 24/7, so that he or she has a medical experience at international standards.

Our Services

Medical Concierge

Medical Concierge
is your solution in fighting against a precarious medical system!


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50% of medical conditions could be prevented by constant information and regular visits to the doctor!


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Priority Consultation

We offer access in 48 hours to a network of outstanding physicians from all medical fields.


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Monitoring and Emergency Medicine

The service that saves your life with a simple push of a button.


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Home/Office Treatment

You can benefit from FREE medical services settled through the Health Insurance Fund or through a social project.


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Related Services

We identify the best solutions for a wide range of medical situations.


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Do you need specialized medical help? Choose the medical experience you deserve!

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